What is ECOFACT?

The energy performance of industrial production systems presents a significant challenge for the manufacturing sector. The EU-funded ECOFACT project aims to support manufacturing industries in optimizing the energy performance of their production systems with regard to restrictions such as time and resources. The project will introduce an innovative green marketing method based on the concept of energy and the environmental signature of the products.

Moreover, it will apply a data-driven method exploiting advanced ICT technologies to better adapt to consumer demands through customized sustainable production. Finally, it will establish a high-level platform in a multi-service approach, delivering an innovative integrated combination of functionalities for advanced energy-efficient, sustainable processes, and manufacturing management. The timeline of the ECOFACT project 958373 is Oct 2020-Sep 2024.

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ECOFACT recently featured at a standardization workshop organised by @EnerManH2020.
Guest speakers included representatives from the DENiM project and National Standardization bodies for Ireland (NSAI) and Germany (DIN).
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Check out our newsletter for the latest activity from the ECOFACT project. It features our recent events, publications and work packages updates
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2 weeks ago
We achieved our 2nd Standardization Workshop on 7th December 2022 with speakers from standardization bodies ( @DIN_Norm) and sister projects ( @Ecofact_Project)

Thank you for all speakers and participants.

👉 Watch Full Video on our YouTube Channel; https://t.co/7mi9hKi7Ow
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Check out the work done so far in the ECOFACT project on our Resources webpage, it lists all of our deliverables and publications completed to date.

View here 👉 https://t.co/Kq979un0NM

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2 months ago
ECOFACT deliverables and publications are now available to view on the project website. Check out the work completed so far on key areas of the project such as LCA, LCCA, Digital Twin and Energy Management
Available here: https://t.co/VKuIfll4nE
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  • Standardization Workshop with EnerMan

    ECOFACT recently featured at a standardization workshop organised by fellow H2020 project EnerMan. The workshop gave the opportunity to for project partners to discuss relevant standards for sustainable energy consumption with autonomous, intelligent decision support engine.

    EnerMan, DENiM and ECOFACT featured at the event and all three are part of on the same FoF call. Speakers provided information on the standardization activities performed in the projects. The workshop also included guest talks from representatives from the National Standardization bodies for Ireland (NSAI) and Germany (DIN).

    The agenda included:

    • EnerMan Introduction and Standardization Activities
    • Standardization Process, Technical Committees and How to Join
    • Standardization in support of Energy Management
    • ECOFACT H2020 Project Standardization Activities
    • DENIM H2020 Project Standardization Activities

    The workshop available to view here:


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