What is ECOFACT?

The energy performance of industrial production systems presents a significant challenge for the manufacturing sector. The EU-funded ECOFACT project aims to support manufacturing industries in optimizing the energy performance of their production systems with regard to restrictions such as time and resources. The project will introduce an innovative green marketing method based on the concept of energy and the environmental signature of the products.

Moreover, it will apply a data-driven method exploiting advanced ICT technologies to better adapt to consumer demands through customized sustainable production. Finally, it will establish a high-level platform in a multi-service approach, delivering an innovative integrated combination of functionalities for advanced energy-efficient, sustainable processes, and manufacturing management. The timeline of the ECOFACT project 958373 is Oct 2020-Sep 2024.

3 weeks ago
ECOFACT deliverables and publications are now available to view on the project website. Check out the work completed so far on key areas of the project such as LCA, LCCA, Digital Twin and Energy Management
Available here: https://t.co/VKuIfll4nE
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3 weeks ago
El Proyecto europeo @Ecofact_Project, que impulsamos desde @Veolia_Es para contribuir a la transformación ecológica, ha celebrado su Asamblea General "Month 24" en Grecia incluyendo la visita a una demo del proyecto.

➡️ https://t.co/otWwGCMReA https://t.co/ly7ejS2Y8k
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1 month ago
ECOFACT will feature at the @IEEEorg World Forum on Internet of Things on November 4th.
Davide Conzon from @LinksFoundation will present how the ECOFACT platform will support energy management and holistic manufacturing.

Find out more ➡️ https://t.co/qYxBCkoWMb #WFIoT2022
2 months ago
The ECOFACT consortium finally got to meet physically at the project's Month 24 General Assembly in Greece which included a visit to the project demo site @AthenianBrewery.

Find out more: https://t.co/E4DsSyYf8i

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2 months ago
The consortium of @Ecofact_Project is gathered together in #Athens in its periodical meeting, the first one face-to-face afther the pandemic. @CARTIFCT is the project coordinator https://t.co/sttPttxAqW Ecofact_Project photo
  • 8th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WFIoT2022)

    ECOFACT will feature at the 8th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WFIoT2022) which takes place between 26 October–11 November 2022 in Yokohama, Japan.

    This conference is notorious within the IoT industry with speakers giving insight into the latest developments from industry, the business world, the public sector, and the research community. This year, the theme focuses on “Sustainability and the Internet of Things” and aims to address the four pillars of sustainability: human, social, economic, and environmental.

    Davide Conzon (Links Foundation) will showcase the project as he presents the paper “ECOFACT Platform Architecture Supporting Manufacturing Energy Management and Holistic Sustainability”. The paper was completed together with other members of the project including; Claudio Pastrone (LINKS Foundation), Panagiotis Vlacheas (WINGS ICT Solutions), Susana Martin Toral and Francisco Morentin (CARTIF), Talib Sankal (Fraunhofer IPT), George Pavlidis(CERTH), Emilia Ingemarsdotter (PRE CONSULTANTS), Andrea Perego (ONE TEAM), Javier Arenas (Smarkia Energy).

    Davide will present on November 4th at 7.30 CET The IEEE WFIoT2022 will be held as a hybrid conference, find out more about the event and how to register here.

    Keep up to date with the latest developments join us on LinkedIn and Twitter, subscribe to the ECOFACT newsletter or view of our News and Events page.

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