What is ECOFACT?

The energy performance of industrial production systems presents a significant challenge for the manufacturing sector. The EU-funded ECOFACT project aims to support manufacturing industries in optimizing the energy performance of their production systems with regard to restrictions such as time and resources. The project will introduce an innovative green marketing method based on the concept of energy and the environmental signature of the products.

Moreover, it will apply a data-driven method exploiting advanced ICT technologies to better adapt to consumer demands through customized sustainable production. Finally, it will establish a high-level platform in a multi-service approach, delivering an innovative integrated combination of functionalities for advanced energy-efficient, sustainable processes, and manufacturing management. The timeline of the ECOFACT project 958373 is Oct 2020-Sep 2024.

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In #Ireland, @IMR_ie showcased #ECOFACT at
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Exciting day last week touring at @Gullon_ES! They lead cereal-based tech, balancing capacity & family ethos. With ECOFACT, they're driving greener production through real-time monitoring & digitalization.

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  • ECOFACT’s presence at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference in Ireland

    On May 28th and 29th, ECOFACT showcased its innovative solutions and commitment to sustainable manufacturing at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland. This event served as a platform for ECOFACT to demonstrate its technologies and strategies aimed at optimising energy performance and resource management in manufacturing industries.

    Represented by its partner Irish Manufacturing Research, ECOFACT underscored its mission to empower manufacturing sectors with advanced tools for enhancing operational efficiency within the constraints of time and resources. The event highlighted ECOFACT’s Digital Twin Platform, which integrates industrial digital twin models with state-of-the-art simulation and optimisation tools. This holistic approach enables real-time monitoring and decision support, facilitating better energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

    “This event provided an excellent platform to discuss ECOFACT, a project I am proud to represent. ECOFACT is dedicated to revolutionizing manufacturing with a comprehensive platform that enhances energy efficiency and promotes sustainable practices, paving the way for a greener industrial future.”, said Edurne Miravete, from Irish Manufacturing Research, who is leading Communication and Dissemination efforts within the project.

    “This event provided an excellent opportunity to discuss ECOFACT, a project I am proud to represent. ECOFACT is committed to transforming manufacturing through a comprehensive platform that improves energy efficiency and advocates sustainable practices, laying the groundwork for a more environmentally friendly industrial future,” stated Edurne Miravete, from Irish Manufacturing Research, overseeing Communication and Dissemination for the project.

    The event also provided a valuable opportunity for networking and collaboration among industry leaders, researchers, and technology providers. ECOFACT’s presence at the conference reinforces its position as a leader in Horizon 2020-funded initiatives focused on energy efficiency and sustainable manufacturing.

    As ECOFACT continues to innovate and expand its impact, stay updated on our progress and upcoming events.

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