What is ECOFACT?

The energy performance of industrial production systems presents a significant challenge for the manufacturing sector. The EU-funded ECOFACT project aims to support manufacturing industries in optimizing the energy performance of their production systems with regard to restrictions such as time and resources. The project will introduce an innovative green marketing method based on the concept of energy and the environmental signature of the products.

Moreover, it will apply a data-driven method exploiting advanced ICT technologies to better adapt to consumer demands through customized sustainable production. Finally, it will establish a high-level platform in a multi-service approach, delivering an innovative integrated combination of functionalities for advanced energy-efficient, sustainable processes, and manufacturing management. The timeline of the ECOFACT project 958373 is Oct 2020-Sep 2024.

2 weeks ago
Project members recently visited the @ArcelikGlobal demo site in Romania to gain an understanding of the existing production processes, machineries and auxiliary facilities used in the Arctic WM Plant. Read more https://t.co/Lj5621gXnF #H2020 #ProductionSystems #EnergyEfficiency
1 month ago
The ECOFACT project held its Month 18 Periodic Meeting last week which gave members the opportunity to discuss the latest activity within their Work Packages
https://t.co/ljoyiqJiOp #H2020 #ProductionSystems #EnergyEfficiency #LCCA #LCA https://t.co/vPnBXDvuvA
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2 months ago
Watch ECOFACT member Andrea Perego from @OneTeam4 discuss the project and sustainability in manufacturing in this video clip https://t.co/IaSS1Oy8Ub #H2020 #Horizon2020 #sustainablemanufacturing #EnergyEfficiency #LCA
2 months ago
"In ECOFACT we focus on the development of material flow simulation models and optimization algorithms for production planning and scheduling..." @Fraunhofer_IWU discusses their role within the project in our latest Partner Q&A https://t.co/2n833RRKps #H2020 #LCA #Sustainability https://t.co/oLFfpJH7aQ Ecofact_Project photo
3 months ago
ECOFACT offers your business instant feedback at every stage of the production process. It enables you to monitor and adjust impacts in real time for optimal efficiency https://t.co/r3EH20nPBJ #H2020 #ProductionSystems #EnergyEfficiency #LCCA #LCA #sustainablemanufacturing
  • Arçelik Demo Site Visit

    Nine members of the ECOFACT project recently visited the Arçelik demo site in Romania (Arctic Washing Machine Plant) on 10th and 11th of May. As the leading white goods manufacturer in Turkey and the second largest white goods company in Europe, Arçelik has 40,000 employees throughout the world and its global operations include 78 subsidiaries in 51 countries, and 28 production facilities in 9 countries and 12 brands.

    On the site visit, there were representatives from Cartif, Fraunhofer IWU, Schneider Electric, RINA Consulting, Pré, ONE Team. The aim of the visit was to gain an understanding of the existing production processes, machineries and auxiliary facilities used in the Arctic WM Plant. The team has visited the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) system, Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Boiler Room, Compressor Room, Data Center, production processes and warehouse on the first day and discussed the implementation actions of Arctic WM in the ECOFACT project.

    On the second day, there were parallel meetings about specific tasks of the ECOFACT, such as data transferring protocols, energy modelling, production planning algorithms, LCA modelling and supply chain collaboration. One of the Arctic WM’s supplier has been included into the project for supply chain collaboration task, and there was a walkthrough visit for the supplier’s factory with the related ECOFACT partners during the parallel meetings were continued.

    It was a beneficial trip to increase the understanding about the processes and systems and had an opportunity to discuss the ECOFACT implementation actions of Arctic WM Plant.

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