ECOFACT Work Packages Update Month 30

ECOFACT Work Packages Update Month 24 - 30

WP2 – Holistic monitoring and data-acquisition solutions

Key achievements:

  • Deployment of smart sensor system at E3 Research Factory 
  • Progress in equipment provisioning and installation at demos 
  • Progress in architecture definition for the Arctic demo site 
  • Requirements for mid-layer  

Deliverables Submitted:

  • D2.2 Smart sensor prototype integrated in the IIoT network

WP3 – Holistic monitoring and data-acquisition solutions

Key achievements:

  • Twnty-one digital twin models of four ECOFACT demo sites uploaded to the Digital Twin Platform (DTP) 
  • Integration of the Predictive Maintennace (PdM) tool into the DTP 
  • First integration of the Factory Hub tool (material-flow simulation & production planning and scheduling) and energy models into the DTP 
  • DTP connection with Data Broker established to provide real-time data monitoring 
  • First connection with Decision Support System (DSS) tested 

Deliverables submitted:

  • D3.9 – Test digital twins for ECOFACT pre-demonstration facilities

WP4Dynamic LCA/LCCA module and value chain data integrations

Key achievements:

  • Further developments in the integration of the AHP algorithm  
  • Further testing of the wrapper module to be used for regular calls to the LCA/LCCA module 

Deliverables submitted:

  • D4.4 Sensitivity analysis for optimization of the dynamic LCA LCCA process
  • D4.5 AHP decision making algorithms
  • D4.6. Parameterised LCA/LCCA models for ECOFACT demonstration cases.

WP5ECOFACT platform and ICT framework development

Key achievements:

  • Completed the work on the WP4 wrapper, which acts a bridge between the ECOFACT Data Broker and the WP4 LCA/LCCA modules.  
  • Further implementation of DSS features, integrating learning capabilities to take into account the stakeholders’ behaviours (how they exploit the DSS suggestions and what is the outcome of their actions). 
  • Dashboard refined and extended with functionalities from the different ECOFACT modules.  
  • Setting up of the overall CI/CD infrastructure, including a central code repository, testing pipelines and a private Docker registry to host images of the ECOFACT components.  
  • First complete Integration Test of different ECOFACT components: Data Broker, DTP, Dashboard and DSS, exploiting the real data coming from AB pilot site. 

WP6 – Demonstration

Key achievements:

  • Identification and detailed description of the ECOFACT use cases for the four demo sites; 
  • Development of monitoring plans for each demo site, including identification of monitoring parameters and KPIs for each functionality provided by the ECOFACT platform; 
  • Draft version of Deliverable 6.9 related to the technical manual for the system operation; 
  • Smart Sensor installation in the E3 ResearchFactory pre-demonstration facility; 
  • Implementing an energy disaggregation module in the CIM 4.0 pre-demonstration facility. 

WP7 – Standardization, certification and regulation of energy efficient manufacturing

Key achievements:

  • Presentation of ECOFACT Project in the sister project Enerman´s Standardization Webinar
  • Presentation of the approach for the intended CEN Workshop Agreement “Model for A Project on Energy Management and Sustainable Manufacturing (EMSM)

WP8 – Replication and Exploitation

Key achievements:

  • Creation and sharing of file to gather ECOFACT tool flexibility information.  
  • Starting the evaluation of the impact of the ECOFACT approach from a replication perspective. 
  • Addition of two project results: “Digital Twin and Optimization Platform” of which RINA and ONE are responsible and “CEN Workshop Agreement on EMSM” of which UNE is responsible.  
  • Presentation of the Business Models and TRL9 (Technology Readiness Level) Roadmap methodology and sharing of questionnaires with partners responsible for prioritised KERs (Key Exploitable Results). 

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