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Article submitted by María Maté González – Energy Research Engineer at Veolia

  1. Tell us about Veolia. What is your core business and role within the project?

Veolia provides efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly environmental services for customers around the world.

Veolia group is the global leader in optimized resources management, designing and implementing water, waste and energy solutions in three complementary business activities that work together to create synergies, under the circular economy concept.

As an energy service provider of many manufacturing industries throughout the EU, Veolia supports the definition of the KPI framework; contributes to LCA data mapping and general support to LCA/LCC analyses and dynamic tool generation; identifies relevant Early Adopter cases and conducts feasibility studies; and contributes to the elaboration of adapted business models for ECOFACT.

2. Why did your organisation get involved in the ECOFACT project? How does this activity fit with the normal business of your organisation?

The ecological emergency is here and the time for transition has passed. Veolia is acting every day for ecological transformation. For this reason, Veolia is very interested in participating in projects like ECOFACT that improves energy efficiency and emissions reduction.

As ECOFACT aims to enable manufacturing industries to optimize their production system energy performance, while introducing a novel green marketing approach, through the concept of energy and environmental signature, of manufactured products from a life-cycle perspective. These results will be applied in facilities managed by Veolia. In Spain, Veolia currently operates more than 8,000 installations, some of which are important industrial companies such as Gullón, Loreal, Mondelez, Renault, Constantia, Danone, Arcelor, Nestle, and other international industries.

3. How will the outputs of the ECOFACT project help production system energy performance?

ECOFACT project will define KPIs that allow evaluating the production system energy performance, as well as solutions that improve current data and allow the company to be more competitive, both economically and environmentally.

4. What are the technical challenges your work in ECOFACT is trying to overcome?

From Veolia, the main challenge faced is the collection and validation of data for KPIs definition and calculation. Veolia has to ensure that the data is reliable to achieve a consistent evaluation of the production system energy performance.

5. What positive impacts will the projects have when complete?

The main benefits for Veolia are:

  • Emissions reduction through the reduction of energy consumption by forecasting demand.
  • Replicability of the platform in other similar industries
  • Improvement and deepening of knowledge of industrial energy data, being able to take into account new factors for improving production system energy performance.

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